Roach Exterminators

Roach exterminators come into homes and treat them chemically for roaches. A roach exterminator may also lay some glue traps if requested, but most exterminate roaches by leaving behind poison baits and spraying poisons into corners and under appliances. Calling in an exterminator for a roach infestation was once one of the only solutions for controlling roaches, but today there are enough alternatives that most people treat their roach problem on their own to control costs and cut down on harsh chemicals. But in some cases, calling in a roach exterminator may be the best option.

Many exterminators now use roach bait because it is effective without exposing humans to the poison. While having an exterminator come in and place the roach baits is convenient, it is far more costly than purchasing roach bait and placing it yourself. If you choose a roach exterminator that sprays poison, you must generally schedule regular spraying sessions. The poisons that are sprayed work for a limited period of time, and the regular spraying can soon become the most expensive extermination method of all.

You might want to call in a roach exterminator if:
  • You have a large roach infestation
  • You want the problem taken care of as quickly as possible
  • The cost of treating the house for roaches is not a problem
  • You are afraid of roaches and don't want to go to the areas where roaches may be to spray or place baitsĀ 
  • Other treatment methods have failed
You might not want to call in an exterminator if:
  • You have a chemical sensitivity to harsh chemicals
  • Your roach infestation is very small
  • You worry about using poisons in the home because of children and/or pets
  • Money is an issue