Poison Sprays

Roach spray that contains poisons is an option for some households. This method of roach killing is often used in the corners of garages and in other areas that aren't frequented by a lot of human traffic. If roaches are prevalent behind appliances, roach spray can be used there without causing a danger to family member or pets as long as the area is well ventilated when the poison is sprayed. 

Spray roach control is often thought of as being poisonous only to roaches, but any type of poison should not be taken lightly. Before choosing a roach spray indoors, make sure that there is no one else in the room and wear a protective mask to keep from inhaling any poisonous fumes.

The type of roach spray usually bought for homes are the small, handheld aerosol cans of spray that can be used in the home or garage. There are also larger, industrial-size roach sprays that have a trigger handle and can be used in large businesses, warehouses and in outdoor areas where roaches gather.

The use of roach spray is a controversial ones because of the dangers of using poisons in the home, but it is a very effective method that can be particularly useful if there is a serious roach problem that needs to be exterminated quickly. 

Roach spray is best used when:
  • There are no children in the house
  • There are no people with asthma or depressed immune systems in the house
  • There is a large roach infestation
  • Other roach killing methods have been ineffective                                                                        
Roach spray may not be the best way to kill roaches if:                      
  • Pets or children may come into contact with the poison
  • It is a very small roach infestation
  • There is no ventilation in the room to be sprayed