Boric Acid

Using boric acid to kill roaches is often seen as a non-toxic roach killer, but in fact it is poison that is toxic to people and pets. There are many places that should not be treated with boric acid, such as areas where children play, but it is possible to use boric acid correctly and to kill roaches efficiently with the powder.

Every type of cockroach can be killed by boric acid. To kill roaches, boric acid must be applied in just the right quantity to get roaches to walk through it and to poison themselves and others.  The trick to getting them to walk through the boric acid is to apply enough to the ground that roaches won't notice it and will walk through it. Applying to much makes roaches avoid the power. Applying too little can be ineffective. But, with a thin layer of boric acid on the ground, roaches will walk through it and will poison themselves when they do so. They will also pass the poison along to other roaches that they come into contact with.

Boric acid is poisonous to roaches, but it is a weak poison to humans. If you have children at home who may walk barefoot through a treated area, boric acid may not be for you. If the roaches are hiding behind refrigerators and under sinks, using boric acid in these spaces is fine and it will keep any children out of it. 

 When using boric acid, remember that though it is a weak poison, it is a poison that can be harmful to your health. Apply it in the spaces beside and under refrigerators, in tight space where people will not walk. Walking barefoot over boric acid can be harmful, making it important to keep the boric acid away from areas where people will walk. In the garage, boric acid can be applied in corners and under items being stored to control roaches without putting poison where people will be.

You might benefit from boric acid if:
  • You have a large roach infestation
  • You have no young children at home
Boric acid may not be your best solution if:
  • You have  a very small roach infestation
  • You have children who crawl or may walk barefoot over the poison