How to Kill Roaches Now

...Before They Overpower Your Home

You may have heard that by the time you see a roach in your home or office there are likely hundreds more of them hiding, and it's true. If you have roaches, you need to kill roaches now before they have time to breed again and again, adding more generations of roaches to your problem. On this site you'll find out how to kill roaches quickly in the best way for your needs. Some people want to use the harshest poisons they can, others prefer gentler methods because of children and pets. Whatever your needs, you'll find a roach killing method here that will help you to do it your way. 

To help you discover the best roach killing method for you, you might want to learn more about roaches in order to best learn how to vanquish them. Or, simply look at the sitemap and browse the various methods of killing roaches. 

Cockroaches are built to survive, and they’ve done so for more than 300 million years. They are one of the only animals that can survive just about any conditions. It has been theorized that roaches would be the dominant creature if the world were destroyed by nuclear war. If they are deprived of food, they can still survive a full month if there is moisture nearby.

Despite this propensity to survive, there are many ways to kill roaches at home. By being proactive and taking steps to get rid of roaches as soon as they appear, you can win the fight against roaches in your own home. Not only can roaches carry many serious diseases, including salmonella, they are also a serious allergen that most humans react to. A home that has a roach problem can adversely affect the health of everyone in it. 

To get rid of roaches quickly, evaluate your needs in cockroach extermination. There are roach extermination methods for everyone from daycare owners to single apartment dwellers. Whether you use a cockroach exterminator, roach traps, gel poisons, roach bait or roach sprays, you can get rid of roaches now before they generate hundreds more.

There are about 4,000 types of cockroaches in the world, but only a few varieties plague North American homes. Below is a representation of some of the most common roaches found in North American homes.

A: German roach 
These roaches are one of the most common types in the U.S., and they multiply with lightning speed. It's small size allows it to hide easily, and its fast reproduction means that they should be eradicated quickly before they have a chance to produce new generations. The small size of German cockroaches makes roach bait a good solution for this type of roach.

B: American cockroach
These large roaches have a reddish tinge and are common in the Southeast United States. They are often referred to as water bugs or palmetto bugs. The slow reproductive cycle of this roach make roach traps, sprays and gels effective.

C: Australian cockroach
This roach is not only large, it's fast and can flatten itself effectively to get into tight spaces. It can also fly, making it more difficult to catch. The Australian cockroach has some yellow coloring on its thorax and near the base of its wings. Sprays and gels are often necessary for these roaches.

D: Female Oriental roach
This is the female Oriental roach, a glossy black or dark brown roach with no wings.  These roaches prefer moist places such as damp, decaying plant material. They are often called water bugs because of their love for water. 

E: Male Oriental roach
The male Oriental roach has long wings and is lighter in color. They can fly for short distances. Both the male and female generally move slowly. This slow gait makes roach traps work well for these roaches.

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